Project Management Training: based on your business

Training Focused Totally on Improving Project Delivery

How do we provide training based on YOUR business?

We do this by using real projects from your business as the basis of all of our project management training courses and do not charge extra. We even do this on many of our public courses. We are very flexible in the way we work.

Real world skills and practices – never ‘theory’

We teach real-world highly practical skills – not methodologies. Our strength is understanding the whole nature and challenges of projects, using traditional and modern-day approaches, such as Agile.

Training focused only on major improvements in project delivery

PMIS delivers training that is totally different from simply teaching people how to pass exams. We show how to improve project delivery across any business.

Improvements in key roles/ core skills

We provide practical help with many key roles including Sponsors and others. We focus on improvements in skills and raising awareness in those who are new to projects.