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Online Project Management Training Courses:

PMIS specialises in providing in-house project management-related training.

Our training has been delivered online for well over a decade. We have learned how to make online delivery simple for the participants and as effective as face-to-face.

A Unique Approach

Use your projects as the basis of any course

All our courses use real projects from your business as the basis of all practical sessions on all online project management training courses. This improves the learning experience greatly by ensuring that all discussions are totally in context with what you do.

It also allows us to discuss the application of PM concepts to your own projects.  We do this for all our onsite and online project management training courses.

This also ensures that all our project management courses are highly practical.

As a result, they demonstrate actions that can be put into immediate use without complex toolsets.

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Instructor-led on-site and online project management training

Any of our courses can be taken either through:

Instructor-led online – for in-house groups or individuals using simple web-based tools

In-House – delivering any of our courses at your site.

We guarantee you will be satisfied as we:

Only deliver project management training. We never teach “theory” and always focus on practical things people can do straight away. We never teach anything you would not want to do in real life.

Have delivered online training for well over a decade. 

Have promoted and taught the practices now referred to as Agile for over two decades. Agile is not new, and it is not new to us.

Focus on the most challenging aspects of delivering projects well. For example: how to ensure the benefits of projects are delivered.

Deliver highly interactive and engaging courses and coaching sessions.

Understand what clients need very quickly. This enables us to deliver solutions that fit your needs completely and are very good value.

Any of our training courses can be tailored easily to reflect your business.  They are all focused on improving aspects of project delivery and the outcomes they will achieve.

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