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This course can be taken through any of the following:

Largest body of experience of this topic

Since 2004 we have seen countless benefits realisation plans for real projects and the most common issues are:

  • often they contain no real benefits at all – as people do not find this easy to do.
  • poorly structured projects where the business aims and planned benefits are not clear at all, or sometimes not even evident in any key project documents, even business cases.

Coaching/ Support for real projects:

Using our web-based tools, we can provide real-time support around benefits identification and structuring of projects and programmes of any size.  This service can be of limitless value to strategic projects and strategic efforts.

  • we will work with you to draw out and articulate crystal clearly the target benefits of any programme or project together with all other elements of the one-page business case.  We will produce this in draft for your review.
  • We can achieve this often within one single day.

This service is of huge value to organisations involved in major business improvement projects and programmes.

Further details can be found here:

Benefits Realisation Training: (it does not take 3 or 5 days to cover this topic)

We have the UK’s longest running course – which has been delivered hundreds of times since 2004.  We always base this course on real projects, never on simulated case-studies. Full details of our one-day course can be found here, together with feedback on how useful this course is in a highly practical way:

Benefits realisation coaching for Executives

We have a half-day session providing executives with a view of the topic from their perspective. This can be delivered online or onsite:

Framework development:

Many organisations naturally want to develop their own framework – we have a wealth of experience and material that can accelerate this task and ensure you do not make common mistakes with your framework.  Details of this service can be found here:

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