When Agile is not working, ask this ….

  Agile project management contains many excellent ideas, which can and should make a real positive difference to the delivery of projects. However, as is often the case when new ideas come along that seem to show great promise, the reality falls a long way short of the promise. What we are seeing more and more: We are working more and more often with organisations who have tried to implement Agile, not having been brought in ourselves to discuss Agile, ...
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What goes wrong with Projects

Why do Projects 'fail'? Most common project issues Every year organisations spend vast sums on initiatives typically described as 'projects'.  Every year, there are countless examples of poor delivery performance, or major disappointment with their outcome. Results of asking the question literally hundreds of times: PMIS has delivered project management training to leading companies for over two decades.  Throughout this whole period, we ask 'what goes wrong with projects' as a formal exercise at the start of all courses.  We ...
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Tips for Project Managers

Hints and Tips for Project Managers - for Beginners & Experienced Being the manager of a project of significant scale and importance could be one of the most demanding things you do in your career. It could also be one of the most rewarding. They can be very challenging and the role of the project manager (PM) is crucial. An effective one can make all the difference.     The following tips deliberately address many of the most ...
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Leadership and Teamworking

How to improve: Leadership, Team working and Communication People deliver projects, not processes.  Successful project management (or is it leadership) requires a combination of 'hard' and 'soft' skills. Achieving the right level of consistency of "methods" on projects through common processes is important. However, if a project environment does not demonstrate true 'team spirit', especially in challenging times, it is highly likely that you will be able to measure the impact on the delivery performance of the project ...
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Project Management Templates – Free to use

Business Case, Charter, Risk Register and more: No registration required Terms of Use: The following templates can be used freely by commercial organisations for their internal use only. By downloading any template from this web page you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Applicability and Tailoring The templates are aimed more at commercial environments, where processes tend to focus on the fundamentals of a process.  It is unlikely that any generic template would be used within any ...
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Project Governance

The Value of Governance of Project Management (GoPM) Relationship to Corporate Governance Corporate Governance responsibilities define executive accountabilities and responsibilities for the management of the performance of an enterprise. Following well-publicised events in recent times, the responsibilities of Corporate Executives towards Governance have been extended, for example in the area of provision of corporate performance information, especially financial. Governments and regulatory authorities have amended laws and strengthened codes and regulations, to make responsibilities of Governance more ...
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How to Plan a Project

Practical Guidance on Planning Projects: Simply, effectively and increase your chances of success The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on how to plan projects. It could easily take a whole book to cover this subject; in this article, we cover the fundamentals. We also include many lessons learned from practical experience and share tips based on this that will elevate the prospects of success. An important note – variety of ways to ...
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