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Benefits Realisation Process & Framework:

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PMIS has developed a comprehensive framework for Benefits Planning, Management & Realisation, which can be tailored to suit  your organisation and processes. Our consultancy services can support the development of your Benefits Planning and Realisation framework.

Background to our work in this area

Benefits Realisation is a fairly new topic. Many Business Cases still contain little real evidence of how the promised “return” will be achieved. In a nutshell, that’s what Benefits Realisation sets out to do, from early within the project life cycle and most importantly, following delivery of the project itself.

PMIS has been working on defining and understanding this topic since just before the year 2000. The ‘thinking’ within our framework stems from work we facilitated with a large group of high profile commercial organisations, who were all involved in change programmes.

Developing your own Benefits Realisation Framework:

Firstly, it is fair to say that it is not a process in the traditional sense. That said, there is a sequence and that sequence is Identification, Planning and Realisation.

Our core framework  can be combined with formal coaching.  The framework will need to be made specific to your business and provides an excellent start, covering:

  • Overview  – why this is necessary and what specifically it brings.
  • Process Description/ Narrative.
    • Benefits Identification, Planning and Realisation
  • Defining Benefits and Outcomes in your business.
  • Benefits driven (one-page) Business Cases.
  • Relationship to programme and project life cycles.
  • Key Roles and responsibilities.
  • Measuring and managing benefits.
  • Portfolio Benefits Mapping.
  • Benefits Reporting.

How our support service works: Onsite or Online

We can support you on-site (if time and budget allows) or just as easily online, via the following steps and existing process assets:

  1. Our core Benefits Realisation Framework contains the fundamentals of the topic, together with the questions you will have to address, to make this wholly applicable to your organisation. We can support you with this development if required.
  2. We also provide interactive coaching, which can be delivered very successfully online or on-site, to get your team familiar with the topic, and to discuss the customisation of your framework.
  3. There are two options for charging:
    • We will provide the framework document and coaching for an agreed fixed price.
    • We can provide the above and further support to you, charged at our normal consultancy rates, or for a fixed fee against a clear scope of work.

Why get external support?

We can bring an array of practical experience around this important and potentially highly value topic.  In addition:

  1. the evidence we see, is that people do not find this an easy thing to do.
  2. we will show you how to summarise and present major change and investment decisions simply and clearly.
  3. we will show you how to ‘translate’ traditional business cases into something far more useful – which is not anything like a traditional executive summary.
  4. we will show you how to identify true benefits in your change and business projects and programmes – this is not something that typically happens naturally.
  5. We will give you the skills to do this in your business.


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