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Agile Business Case Training: onsite and online

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Hybrid Online

This course can be taken through any of the following:

Agile Business Case Training

Agile projects still need a business case, however, not of the traditional variety.

This course shows how to create business cases that are much lighter than traditional ones while being hugely more useful.

This training course goes well beyond simply discussing “customer value”. It shows how to build a powerful and simple business case around the benefits it will provide to all stakeholders.

Use your own business cases as the basis of the course

The course focuses on a highly practical session to develop a one-page business case and uses a real use case/project from your business as the basis of this task.

We do this all the time and it works really well. It is very different from traditional training courses.

Course Objectives

The course will demonstrate

  • how to write an Agile business case
  • a real-life example, and
  • how to develop one for your own project, within the course itself.

Outline Agenda

  • The “one-page” Agile Business Case
    • Describing any business problem effectively using crystal clear simple language
    • Communicating crystal-clear benefits
      • Categories of benefits: cashable, efficiencies, tangible and intangible
    • Structuring Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, and Benefits
    • KPIs and measures
  • Simplifying and improving the presentation and analysis of Business Cases

Delivery: onsite and online

Delivery options include onsite and online. Online works perfectly well for smaller groups.


For smaller projects, it will be half a day – for larger it could take most of a day.

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