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Course Overview

This training course is aimed at both customers and contractors who are planning to perform an IBR and provides a thorough overview of the IBR process. IBRs (Integrated Baseline Review) are increasingly being used by customers in the early stages of contracts to provide assurance of the credibility of a performance measurement baseline and reporting processes, for example, Earned Value.

The course assumes a basic level of understanding of Earned Value Management. If required, it could be combined with one of our Earned Value management courses.

The course is fully compliant and compatible with UK MoD’s guidelines on conducting IBRs.


1 day

Intended For

All customer and key contractor staff who will be engaged in the IBR process.

Course Objectives

  • To describe and demonstrate the IBR process and enable contractors to prepare for a successful IBR
  • To define Contractors and Customers responsibilities before, during and following an IBR
  • To demonstrate how review teams conduct an IBR


Overview of an IBR
  • Purpose and objectives of the IBR process
  • Overview of the IBR process
  • Preparing for and planning an IBR
  • Composition of the review team – Contractor and Customer
  • Preparing for an IBR
  • Scoping an IBR – defining resources and responsibilities
  • Defining IBR entry criteria
  • Preparing the Data input and IBR Documentation
  • CAM folders and documentation
IBR Execution
  • IBR In-brief
  • Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) review
  • CAM meetings / review: detailed guidance and process
  • Evaluating Control Account Plans
  • Budget and schedule data traces
  • Analysing the results – process and
  • IBR out-brief
IBR Output & Follow up
  • How to prepare the key elements of any IBR report
  • CAM meetings reports
  • Exit criteria and evaluating IBR findings
  • Follow-up & subsequent reviews
Following this course:you will be able to participate in Integrated Baseline Reviews

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