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Course Overview

This online trainer led course covers the key elements of Agile and shares the practical experience we have gained in the topic, in one concise session.

Agile is easy to understand, but hard to do.  In addition to defining what Agile is, this session shares multiple lessons learned, throughout the agenda, as important inputs to your Agile Implementation

Dates and Booking

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Duration and timing

4 hours – all courses commence at 13:00 GMT on their scheduled date

Intended for

Anyone responsible for or participating in a an Agile project – including stakeholders and Product Owners.

Course Objectives:
  • To provide a solid overview of Agile
  • To describe why and how Agile works
  • To share lessons leaned from dozens of implementations
  • Origins of Agile
  • Core Agile Values and Principles – impact on environment, teams and projects
  • Common misconceptions
  • Why Agile works – when it’s understood and implemented properly
Defining Agile Projects
  • Project Vision – the Agile one page Business Case
  • Release Planning
  • Developing priorities and planning the Sprint Strategy
  • Agile teams – Product owner, developers, testers and Users
  • Bringing Governance while still being Agile
  • Major lessons learned
Product Backlog
  • Epics and User Stories
  • Sizing
  • key visuals
  • lessons learned
Sprint Planning and delivery
  • User Stories and Story Points
  • Sizing and Estimating
  • Velocity
  • Retrospectives
  • key visuals
  • lessons learned
Handouts and Materials
  • All delegates will receive a copy of:
    • presentation material
    • Excel Agile burndown charts
    • Checklist for Sprint Planning
Following this course:
  • you will have invaluable input to your implementation of Agile.


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