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We are very interested in your views on the following posts relating Agile and vested interests damaging the real debate:

We are sharing this page (selectively) with people who we believe may agree with some of our views on Methods/Agile/project management.

We are concerned, that some highly damaging views are being expressed about subjects like Agile, Scrum and project management (originating from vested interest and shared by those who would prefer to see the end of PM).

We have written some recent posts would be very interested to hear your views on any them:

  1. we believe methodologies are the wrong discussion:
  2. we have some grave misgivings about what is in the Scrum guide:
  3. we believe there are many projects using Agile methods that still need a dedicated project manager, not just project management:
  4. we believe the PO role is crucial but few organisations can deliver this:
  5. and lastly, there are some using Agile methods, who claim that where required the PM role will be picked up by “whoever is available” – we do not believe this will work at all:

All the above posts are live on our blog.

All comments and feedback will be treated with confidence unless you state otherwise.  We do not store or share anyone’s contact details.

Thank you for your time.

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