Earned Value Management: Worked Example – on Slideshare


We have published a short presentation on Slideshare here: Earned Value Management Worked Example.

Some key notes on the above:

  1. it is intended to give those who are new to the topic a simple overview of the concept and workings of EVM – it is deliberately kept simple to ensure it is easy to follow.
  2. it deliberately contains one form of calculation of EV that we favour, which is called the 0/100 method. Using this method, you get the full budget value of the item in the EV calculation (e.g. task) only when the item is 100% complete.  History teaches us all there are great reasons for using this method as widely as possible.
  3. It also uses the term “planned spend” – although this may not meet the purist’s eye, we use this as it communicates better what it represents, over other terms like “planned value”.  To those who are new to the technique, the latter term rarely helps them to understand the concept and more importantly, what the data they are being shown is telling them.

Please feel free to share this presentation – it is free to use for all but may not be copied or used by others for commercial purposes.

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