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Terms of Use:

The following templates can be used freely by commercial organisations for their internal use only. By downloading any template from this web page you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Applicability and Tailoring

The templates are aimed more at commercial environments, where processes tend to focus on the fundamentals of a process.  It is unlikely that any generic template would be used within any single business without being tailored to the organisation’s processes and information needs.  Please feel free to adapt these templates as you require.  As part of the terms of conditions of using these templates, we require you to retain a reference to their source ( particularly if they are used in any form of training.

Our templates cover the key elements of:

  • business case;
  • project charter;
  • business requirements;
  • project status reporting template;
  • project risk management template;
  • delivery plan/strategy

Business Case Template:

Download here

A Business case describes an investment proposal or proposition to undertake an effort which will derive specific benefits to the business. Each Business case should be owned by a sponsor /Business Owner, and signed off by the relevant authority, depending on its subject matter and the key stakeholder group. A less than straightforward question in many businesses is when do you require a Business Case? The following page provides guidance on the use of Business Cases.

N.B. This template deliberately separates the ‘delivery’ strategy from the core elements of a business case.  This aspect needs to be considered very carefully – different environments may choose to modify this. In other words, it is sensible to at least consider deliverability or feasibility inside a business case, so that businesses can make better-informed decisions. This may be quite different to developing major elements of the plan, which might only be developed after it has been decided that it is a proposition worth doing or a priority at that time.

Project Charter Template:

Download here

This template captures key information on the project, and can also contain what is often called “ways of working”, which can be an important tool for team building.

Business Requirements Template:

Download here

The Business Owner / Senior User own this document. It is used to capture the ‘Business Requirements’ behind a Business project. The Business Owner / Senior User will own this document, which should capture, in clear simple language, the main requirements as determined by the Business.

Risk Register Template:

and here you can read about how to improve project risk management

Download here

This template will enable you to capture key information on risks and allows you to analyse risk, taking into account the impact on product performance, project cost and schedule. The EXCEL template has some useful functionality embedded within, to help with the analysis of risks and also to produce some useful metrics on risk.

Delivery Plan Template:

Download here

The project manager owns this document. The delivery plan template captures the delivery strategy for a project, the project scope of work, details all key targets for the project and defines the project organisation. This document should be maintained as required through the delivery phase.

Status / Issue / Risk Log Template:

Download here

The project manager owns this document. It is an Excel workbook containing three elements: a traffic light based status report to capture and communicate the overall status of a project; an issue log to capture and manage the actions relating to issues on a project, and finally the risk log to capture and manage the actions relating to risks on a project.

Acceptance Test Planning templates:

Download Test Planning Template, Download Test Control template, download Test Sequence template.

The above templates are to be used to help plan Acceptance and to capture and manage the results of the Acceptance process. There is an Acceptance Test sequence description for planning Acceptance; an Acceptance test issue for capturing Acceptance issues; and finally Acceptance Issue Control log for managing and signing off Acceptance Test issues.

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  1. Megan Wale on October 20, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Such an excellent set of templates for all phases of project life cycle.

    I am in search of PMO charter template in excel or power point format, and would be great joy if you come up with one such.


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