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Recent Trends re: Payments

Recent Trends re: Payments

In previous years we always invoiced after delivery of services or training. In recent years a growing (and worsening) trend has developed where it takes an unacceptable period of time to achieve all of:

  • becoming registered as a new supplier,
  • a purchase order then to follow supplier registration and
  • finally a first invoice being paid, especially for a one-off supply, as is the nature of much of our business.

When following the above process, it has become common for payment to be received many months after one-off supply.

Payment policy:

This has left us with no choice but to introduce a policy where for all one-off courses or short engagements, we require full payment 10 days in advance of delivery.

In some circumstances (*) we will accept a formal purchase order providing this can be delivered to us at least 10 working days before the course or engagement starts. If we agree to this and the PO is not issued on time we will issue a notice to revert back to payment in advance.

Card payments:

We can also accept card payments for one-off engagements and courses, subject to a small processing fee.

(*) this excludes courses outside the UK. Also we will only agree to this if we have a specific contact in the client organisation who will manage the registration process and communicate with us in a proactive manner on the status and process involved.

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