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Courses: On-site & Online

Training Based on Your Business

How do we provide training based on YOUR business?

We do this by using real projects from your business as the basis of all of our project management training courses without charging extra. We even do this on many of our public courses. We are very flexible in the way we work.

Focus on outcomes and benefits: not just 'outputs'

We also show how to maximise the benefits that any project is intended to achieve - and why this has not been done so often in the past.  We also show how to deliver the results any strategy is intended to deliver.

Training focused on major improvements in project delivery

PMIS delivers training that is totally different from simply teaching people how to pass exams. We show how to improve project delivery across any business and how to improve the results they are intended to achieve.

Real world practices that make a difference – never ‘theory’

We teach real-world highly practical skills – not methodologies. Our strength is understanding the whole nature and challenges of projects, using traditional and modern-day approaches, such as Agile.

Accredited project management training provider


  • On-site

    We have specialised in in-house project management training in the UK and overseas since 1993. We bring the complete context of your business to our courses, by using sample projects from your business as the basis of practical sessions, and can usually do this without charging extra. For organisations with more specific tailoring requirements, our approach to tailoring can be found here. Customised in-house courses do not have to be expensive at all but the benefits are huge.

  • Public Online

    Instructor-led interactive online project management training using simple browser-based tools. We deliver specialist online courses every month, any of which can also be delivered specifically for your business. Click above for a full schedule of topics and registration.

  • Public Classroom (UK)

    A number of popular courses are delivered at our offices at the Oxford Science Park, in Oxford. Full details are provided on the link above.

  • Web Based Training for In-House Groups

    Any of our courses can be delivered for your in-house groups, at dates to suit you, using simple web based tools, or if you prefer, using your own tools.

  • Consulting: On-site & Online

    From Capability Assessments to risk assessments and process improvement, we provide on-site or web-based consulting services.

  • About PMIS Consulting

    Founded in 1993, we specialise in in-house training and consulting.

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Our approach

We listen carefully to clients, and are very flexible in the way we work. We never teach ‘theory’ – we only teach practices that make a real difference, using approaches such as Agile.


We guarantee you will be totally satisfied as we:

only deliver project management related training, and focus on the elements that are of most value. We never teach anything you would not want to do in real life;

have promoted and taught the practices now referred to as Agile for over two decades. Agile is not new to us;

focus on the most challenging aspects of delivering projects well, not just the basics;

teach far more than a bag of techniques, providing practical steps that significantly increase the prospects of success;

can understand what each client wants very quickly – enabling us to deliver solutions that fit your needs completely and for very good value;

do not support or promote bureaucratic methods.

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