Project Risk Management

Example Project risks – good and bad practice:

By Kevin Lonergan | December 7, 2015 |

Firstly, poor examples: from page 1 of the world’s favourite search engine Projects always carry risks.  If you search online for “example project risks” there are some extremely poor examples on page 1 of the world’s favourite search engine.  Most are very misleading, at best.  We see many real risk registers every year and their contents…


Why Hazards and risk are not the same on projects

By Kevin Lonergan | February 23, 2015 |

There is an important difference: Project risk management presents many challenges to project teams.  Two of them are understanding (across a broad enough range of people) and application. I.e. getting it done early enough in the project when you are always very busy, so that the outputs of risk management have a positive impact on the project.…


Why Opportunity in projects should never be called ‘Risk’!

By Kevin Lonergan | October 20, 2014 |

Why this makes no sense at all – and can even be very damaging: Something has crept into project management texts on both sides of the pond in recent times, (although PMBoK®  from PMI has recently reversed this – see footnote). It’s the practice of classifying opportunities as ‘positive risk’ and trying to manage them…


Project Risk Assessment: worked example on Slideshare

By Kevin Lonergan | August 19, 2014 |

  We have published a short presentation on Slideshare here: Project Risk Assessment  Worked Example. Some key notes on the above: it only covers the stage of conducting a qualitative assessment of a collection of project risks – it does not cover risk identification or risk management planning. it contains important hints and tips and things to…


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