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Programmes can take many shapes – for example, they can relate to customer products, new product development or the collective activity which delivers internal business aims and objectives. In the UK, the term is used in a broader sense than traditionally in some other areas, where Programme Management is often concerned with a collection of projects that may or may not have any physical relationship or inter-dependencies. The difference in the UK variant is that the projects in a UK “programme” can be physically totally independent, but they all contribute towards a common aim or outcome.

Recognising this means that the function itself needs to apply to and be relevant to the environment and business domain – there is no one-size fits all. Why is this important? – for lots of reasons. For example, the very definition of the term will vary quite substantially from one business domain to another.

PMIS provides the following process development and implementation support services:

Process Development

Our staff will work with you to define how Programme Management will operate and function in your business. This will include:

  • Programme Planning and Definition
  • Business Case Definition
  • Benefits Identification and Planning
  • Organisation, including Sponsorship & Programme Boards
  • Measuring and Managing  Performance
  • Programme Boards and Governance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Benefits Realisation

Implementation Consultancy and Coaching

Our staff provide support in any area and particularly in the areas of:

  • Planning and Definition
  • Business Case Definition
  • Interfaces with Benefits Panning and Realisation
  • Change Control

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