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Independent Project Assessment:

Project Assessment

Project Assessments are normally carried out on behalf of a project sponsor or customer. They should not be conducted as an audit but should be considered as an exercise in risk management. It will produce findings and recommendations for improving the management of a specific project, which are agreed upon with the project team before being presented outside the team.

PMIS has a standard process and model for applying a structured assessment of a project – we also have variants that cover different industries, technologies and domains.

The scope would include:

  • organisation and Governance;
  • delivery strategy and risk;
  • plans and controls, including risk;
  • team working, controls and communication.

Who to involve?

The whole team should be involved, including the customer or sponsor, even if the customer is an external party. It is very common for organisations to resist involving customers – this reduces the value of the results of this task substantially. The same must be said for key suppliers – they should also be fully involved.

Every assessment is conducted to specific Terms of Reference (ToR) developed and agreed upon with the Sponsor. The ToR would confirm the objectives and scope of the assessment and would confirm all participants and the deliverables covered in the assessment. The aim would be that there are no assumptions on either side before the main effort is expended.

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