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Consultancy Service Profile – Mobilisation

Mobilisation is a key activity, which too often does not get enough care and attention, sometimes leaving issues to fester, literally until they become large, or even unmanageable. For example, whenever you talk to people after a project has gone south, the word ownership very often creeps into the conversation right from the start. Mobilisation should deal with and communicate many things, for example, organsiation and responsibilities, targets, risks and strategy.

When done well, it can get a project off to a flying start – when done badly or not at all, it can be the origins of a ‘team’ going nowhere, ending in the kind of stories we hear of too often.

We provide the following process development and implementation support services relating to project definition, mobilisation, team building and team working.

Project Definition

Our staff will work with you to capture and communicate how your project will be defined and to define the project itself. This can take the form of:

  • Project Definition Process
  • Facilitation of key workshops and working sessions
  • Facilitation of capture of crucial project information – improve the output of project definition, for example, delivery Strategy
  • Facilitation of workscope definition, e.g. work breakdown structure
  • Review of outputs
  • Coaching in all aspects of improved project definition.


Our staff will work with you to improve the initiation and establishment of your project. This can take the form of:

  • Defining the Organisational Principles for the team
  • Developing improved ‘team based roles’ and responsibilities across the project
  • Developing improved, customer, supplier and partner relationships
  • Developing ‘ways of working’ for your team
  • Developing all key controls to be used by the team to understand and manage performance

Team building

Team building can take two primary forms: a) developing effective working relationships and b) developing ownership of a common purpose, objectives and strategy.

Our staff are highly skilled at facilitating events, often referred to as ‘tools of team building’, that broaden and deepen the understanding of a team’s objectives and its chosen strategy for delivery. These events may include, for example:

  • Workshops to develop the delivery strategy
  • Workshops to capture and validate (delivery) strategy
  • Workshops to confirm and communicate goals and objectives

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