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Governance deals with strategic level controls and management structures, processes and responsibilities. It should define for example, responsibilities for key decisions and define in advance how issues will be resolved in an effective manner. Another example might be business reviews of projects, which can provide an internal review of status and ensure that effective controls, plans and actions are in place.

Governance (at this level) is another topic which has emerged in recent years. It is highly applicable to all types of projects, whether internal or external. In the UK today, there are major organisations that annually spend vast sums of money on internal projects, without regular controls at the business level.

We provide the following process development and implementation support services.

Governance Structures

Our staff can assist you to define and establish a Governance structure for your project. This will address:

  • Governance Model, including all key roles, responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of all bodies, e.g. steering committee
  • Major decision making responsibilities
  • Major accountabilities across the project, including for benefits
  • Issue management and decision making processes
  • Agreed process for conflict resolution

Process Development

Our staff will work with you to define and implement a Governance template for your business. This will address, for example:

  • Executive responsibilities towards projects
  • Conducting Business reviews of projects
  • Portfolio Management
  • Benefits Planning, Management and Realisation
  • Responsibilities of sponsors
  • Governance information

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