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Formal Capability Assessment

A formal Assessment can either review the project management capability of part or all of your organisation. It can be a highly valuable tool in developing training needs or objectively measuring the competence of project managers in your organisation. We are very flexible in the way this can be performed and all of the following is tailorable to suit your needs and business environment:

Face-to-face Capability Assessment (including Virtual):

The benefit of the face-to-face type of process is that PMIS is often able to make far more insightful and specific recommendations, having spent some time in your business. The sample of projects does not need to be very large to make the results relevant useful and accurate.

Group based Problem Solving Scenarios

PMIS has a range of problems that are given to groups, representing typical challenging issues that project managers can face. The issues have been careful written, to test a large range of skills and competencies, from communication to analytical skills, and core project management processes and concepts.  Written findings and observations are produced as well as quantified scores for a range of up to 25 different skills, competencies and behavioral qualities.

Each session would normally last 90-120 minutes and the Assessors act as observers and can also conduct a specific role as part of the problem-solving.

The results will be summarised quantitatively, and presented to the sponsor, in line with the specific terms of reference for the review.

1:1 Interviews

This would typically be  a 90 minute process. PMIS has a standard set of questions that can be tailored to ensure that each personal interview is structured, consistent, and focused on the elements of PM that are key in any one business environment.  Where possible, the interview questions look for evidence of processes and practices to be produced, to support the whole discussion.  One again, each specific question is given a score and comments and findings are recorded and produced as appropriate.  if it is included in the scope of the review, written feedback can be provided additionally to all participants.

Maturity model

The assessment would be based on our comprehensive maturity model and the results would be presented against the same.

Final output/ Deliverable

The final deliverable will be agreed with the client before the assessment begins, and can be tailored as required.  It will typically include scores by assessment type per individual, together with a written report.  The scores and /or report could be grouped or also cover organisational groups or Regions, for example.

Approach to a Structured Review – Evidence-Based

PMIS always recommends taking an evidence-based approach as far as possible, to ensure maximum objectivity to the results. The obvious way to achieve this is to involve active current projects in the review, and for the reviewers to use those projects as far as possible within the assessment.

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