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Project Planning - Accredited Training Provider

Project Planning, Scheduling and Resource Planning

Key staff in PMIS have been actively involved in the planning of comprehensive projects, and understand the key factors in this important task. Much of what is involved in this task represents what is often referred to as the “first principles” of project management, and forms the backbone of the project control function.


PMIS believes in the value of effective planning, based upon best practices. It should produce critical outputs on major projects, and should form the backbone of the management and control function. Plans should never be produced simply to satisfy a methodology or indeed even a customer, they must add value – sadly many do not.

We provide the following process development and implementation support services relating to the following:


Our staff will work with you to support the definition of the process for your business. For example, we will:

  • Project Strategy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Organisation Design
  • Integrated Planning Structures & Process
  • Developing product-based Work Breakdown Strutures

Project Scheduling and Resource Management

Our staff will work with you to implement effective scheduling and resource management processes and system. For example, we will:

  • Define system requirements
  • Define system processes

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