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Online Project Risk Assessment Process Description

This Page describes how the online Project Risk Assessment will work:

The level of support we provide in the following can be adjusted if for example, your budget requires.

  1. The process will begin with a discussion on the project and the required process, for us to both agree how the process will work, and to discuss the required data outputs and responsibilities.
  2. Before and following the above step we can review any documentation that we are provided with.
  3. We will propose and agree a simple terms of reference outlining how the support will work, and who will be actively involved.
  4. If required, we can provide a focused coaching session to the key people who will be required to participate in this process.  We can deliver classroom style coaching and training sessions very easily over the Web. (Being web based, they can attend these sessions from any location where they have good internet access).
  5. We will then conduct the sessions required to identify the risks on the project, or analyse information that is made available to us.
  6. Following this session, we will jointly  need to assess the risks and within this step, then decide which risks will require mitigation or contingency planning.
  7. The next step will agree and capture the mitigation actions per risk, and develop outline contingency plans, where they are required.
  8. Finally all output will be captured in a Risk Register, usually by us, for handover back to the project team.

There are additional steps that may be required, depending on the desired outputs, for example:

  1. determine quantitative cost and schedule impact of each risk, (then, the risk register will automatically produce the Cost Risk Exposure for the project, if the total cost impact of each risk is entered into the Register).
  2. develop a full quantitative analysis of cost and schedule outcomes, using Monte Carlo methods.
  3. develop recommendations and follow up actions, as required.

Use of Tools:

We will use tools as required, from Gotomeeting from Citrix, or even simple tools like Skype depending on the group size and the functionality we require to conduct the above.

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