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Project Risk Assessment Template

Comprehensive guidance, template and risk register:

So how does this template help you?

It contains the summary of decades of experience of doing this for real.  It explains every step of the process and gives you real help and guidance at every stage.

Full Contents:

The whole package provides comprehensive guidance, training and coaching material and the tool (risk register) for any organisation (or project team) to conduct a full assessment of the risks facing their project(s). It is applicable to any project type, and could equally be applied to change programmes.


The template provides comprehensive step by step instructions, covering: identification; qualitative assessment; impact analysis; mitigation and contingency planning; and quantitative analysis (if you have chosen the advanced version of the toolkit). The document contains hint and tips drawn from decades of experience of conducting risk assessments in dozens of businesses.


The toolkit provides a unique method for identifying risks, which is one of the most challenging aspects of the whole process. It also shows how to tailor this for your business and turn this into a process asset of increasing value to your business.


The toolkit provides also provides a variety of methods of assessing risk, together with models that once again can be tailored to how to do this in your business.


The template provides both Elearning and Classroom training material covering: an overview of the process; identification; categorisation; assessment; analysis; mitigation and contingency planning; and quantitative risk analysis.


Examples of potential and often found risks in IT, Engineering and other project types.  It also shows very clear examples of poorly defined or incorrect or invalid items often found in risk registers.

Comprehensive RISK REGISTER including KEY METRICS

The template contains a comprehensive Excel based risk register that will hold and fully analyse all data and produces a collective analysis of the results of the data gathered in this process.

Qualitative project risk assessment model

Output and DELIVERABLES of this process

If you follow this toolkit fully, you will produce the following outputs:

  • A statement of each of the significant risks facing your project together with a structured and consistent assessment of each risk.
  • A set of mitigation actions and (where relevant) contingency / fall-back actions (collectively also called the risk response plan).
  • A fully analysed risk register and an assessment of the $ value of financial exposure to risk on your project (in simple terms how much risk is likely to cost your project).

What this toolkit cannot do: ( it provides guidance but you must do these things yourself )

  • It will not tell you the risks that face your project – you must identify these – it will however provide comprehensive guidance on how to do this.
  • It does not specifically address Health and Safety risk assessment responsibilities – this can however be a significant category of risk on any project.

Costs and Purchasing

The toolkit is sold under an annual licence agreement for use by single Corporations and Businesses.

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