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Managing Remote Teams Training Course: Online

Managing remote teams training

An instructor-led online training course

This interactive course will give you highly practical steps and guidance for working in and managing remote development teams. It will help remote teams to be effective quickly when working remotely.

Working remotely on an individual basis is fairly straightforward, but working effectively as a remote team can be challenging, especially when this is a new way of working.  This course will provide many tips for working in remote teams.

The session can be given to groups online allowing them to understand the challenges of remote teams and show them how to decide how they will operate to be effective and minimise issues.

The session is given in two formats. One is a shorter coaching session and the other allows teams to develop a template for how they will operate.

Use your own project as its basis

We suggest using your own project as the basis of the whole session including practical decisions you will make and developing the basis of what will become an operating model for your remote team.


Either a half-day coaching session or a one-day workshop. It is delivered in modules at times to suit your team and time zone.

Course Objectives:

  • to accelerate your learning curve around this way of working, and
  • to enable teams to become productive and effective more quickly.

Course Agenda:

  • Challenges of remote/remote working versus collocated teams
  • Organising remote teams
  • Communicating your project to all with total clarity
  • Making online meetings work
  • Daily and weekly routines
  • Individual and team working patterns
  • Ways of working
  • Managing communication in a remote environment
  • How to collaborate remotely
  • Keeping things visual, simple and very effective
  • Minimising the impact on individuals: isolation; potential lack of contact etc.
  • Tools: using the right type of tools for differing forms of communication
  • Develop a template for how your team will work

Tailor the agenda to your needs

Additionally, you can email us any questions you like before the course and we will add these to the agenda.

Following this course

individually you will understand how to work within a remote project and collectively how to agree on your remote operating practices as a team.

Free Demonstration

Email to arrange a free demonstration where we can describe the course and you can see if it is a good fit.

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