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In-House Project Management Training: Accredited UK Provider

Project Management Courses Onsite:

We are happy to deliver any of our courses on-site at your premises (both within and outside the UK).

Using real projects from your business

All in-house courses will use real projects from your business for all practical sessions. We do not charge extra for this.

The clear benefits of doing this are:

  • using real projects from your business for all workshops ensures discussions are in context with exactly what you do, not abstract ideas;
  • costs per head will be greatly reduced compared to public courses;
  • it will be far more effective in terms of skills development.

Fixed in-house delivery costs: we do not charge per delegate

PMIS charges rates for in-house training similar to consultancy fees; we do not charge per delegate. This makes it economical even for relatively small numbers and even more so for larger groups. The minimum number of attendees depends upon the nature of the topic and can range from small coaching sessions to groups of preferably no more than twelve.

Take advantage of tailoring without paying any extra

We do not charge per delegate. PMIS is happy to deliver any of our standard courses at your site using an example client project outline for our standard on-site delivery fee.  This can be far more effective than using generic case studies. It also typically works out far cheaper and better than sending multiple staff on public courses.

However, PMIS does charge for the time required for tasks such as Business familiarisation and any specific tailoring effort that follows from these tasks.

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