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Customised in-house training:

Does not have to be expensive but the benefits are priceless

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PMIS has delivered tailored project management training for two decades. During that time, we have delivered bespoke training for dozens of organisations across the public and private sectors. For example: Aerospace and Defence, Financial Services, Automotive, IT Project Management, New Product Development, Engineering and Manufacturing, Software / Systems Engineering and others.

Benefits of Bespoke Courses:

The benefits are substantial:

  • courses are seen as relevant to the organisation, its processes and the issues and challenges of delivering projects successfully in your business;
  • it will help shape attitudes to improving project delivery in your business;
  • delegates are able to transfer the learning to the workplace far more easily,
  • this will make a real difference to project delivery performance.

The Tailoring Process:

Assuming there is a definition of training needs, the process starts by PMIS understanding your business objectives and issues you wish to address. This typically involves PMIS spending time with people from your business, listening to your needs and familiarising ourselves with your projects.

Our staff will listen carefully to understand your objectives and goals and then focus on developing a training programme that will make a real difference in your business.

PMIS has customised high-quality training for two decades. We are very experienced at making the tailoring process efficient, however:

  • We make zero assumptions about your business, priorities, processes and most importantly your training objectives and needs.
  • we will ask many questions, listen and facilitate the development and agreement of: course objectives; target learning outcomes; any specific training requirements or constraints and any other key information that will shape the training or the delivery.
  • only after these are properly understood and agreed, will we then start to customise training material.

Scope of tailoring

It can cover any aspect of the course, but the following areas are most commonly considered:

  • organisation, especially roles, responsibilities and accountabilities;
  • Governance structures and processes;
  • process frameworks and specific terminology, project & product life-cycles and gates;
  • case study/project simulations for workshops/exercises;
  • lessons learned from your projects/business.

Joint Review and Customer Approval

Throughout the course definition and development process, we provide clients early sight of all emerging materials to ensure there are no unwanted surprises and that clients are fully satisfied with the delivered solution.

This will include:

  • jointly reviewing all emerging training specifications/ agendas, including all case study and exercise material;
  • reviewing draft modules and incorporating resulting updates;
  • once material is finalised, conducting a walk-through of all modules with the sponsor and others, ensuring that all key messages are formally captured for consistent delivery.

Format of Training Delivery & Style

All PMIS training courses:

  • are delivered in a highly interactive style, engaging participants throughout;
  • use client terminology, language and processes;
  • employ real-world examples to demonstrate concepts but use a client material within all exercise sessions;
  • use real examples from across different sectors to demonstrate best project management practices.

Development Effort for Tailoring

Developing high-quality training material from scratch would take a great deal of effort. Customising existing courses, therefore, is the best way to take advantage of existing product(s) and strike the right balance between effectiveness and affordability. It often takes far less effort than people often expect to develop a highly tailored and effective training programme. Typical estimates of development effort are between 3 to 10 days, depending upon the size and the scope of the course(s).

Index of standard courses

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