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Preparation for one-day training courses

Preparation for one-off one-day training courses

What we will do:

We will always engage in a call(s) or online meetings to discuss any questions you have and for us to understand your needs, requirements and your business, prior to delivering any course.  We will often offer to configure a training course based on discussions with the client within our standard delivery price, providing all those discussions take place via conference calls or similar.

We can also provide many sources of references such as this open reference from 2018. The testimonials on the right hand side of this page are typical of the feedback we receive.

What we cannot do for one-off one day courses

As it is not commercially viable to do so, we do not travel to on-site sales meetings for one-day training opportunities. We will however always conduct conference calls as described above.

If we have to travel to a customer site to discuss a one-day course, this would be a chargeable day.

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