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Where our Sponsorship course comes from

Where our Sponsorship course comes from:

Kevin Lonergan delivers this course and has had a whole career involved in delivering projects, working at all levels.

During this period he has routinely:

  • Witnessed effective and less effective Sponsorship.
  • Conducted formal reviews of dozens of projects that have suffered serious issues.
  • Carried out formal (face-to-face) assessments of project managers in global organisations.
  • Delivered training to many dozens of organisations to professionals involved in delivering projects in multiple sectors.
  • Chaired “best practice” groups in multiple industry sectors over many years.
  • Supported multiple initiatives aimed at improving the management of project risk.
  • Worked as a key member of project teams and has managed multiple successful projects.

This provides huge amounts of evidence of the following:

  • Real-world actions and even behaviours of project mangers.
  • The degree to which project managers fundamentally understand and communicate to others corporate objectives and planned benefits behind projects.
  • Real-world (not text book) practices on projects, including good and bad.

How we use this:

We use all the above practical exposure to projects (globally) to inform the sponsor course and especially many real world observations that are usually shared in the course to underline the need for Sponsorship and strong Governance.

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