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Why choose PMIS Consulting:

Why choose PMIS Consulting:

We will listen carefully

  • We will listen with great care to your needs and objectives.

Totally flexible

  • We are totally flexible in developing solutions that work for you.

Engaging interactive sessions

  • All sessions will engage people fully and be interactive throughout.  We are constantly told our sessions are nothing like other training providers.

Training focused on skills, not ‘methodologies’

  • Our courses share real-world experience and teach practical skills that can be put into practice straight away.  We never teach “theory”.

We will use real projects from your business

  • We will use real projects from your business as the basis of all courses.  This will be a vastly different training experience from typical training courses.

Value and quality combined

  • We do not charge per delegate – we charge a fixed delivery fee for training at your site making this a very economical way of training groups around the work they actually do, i.e. your own projects.

First-class references

  • The following are real references and typical of the feedback we get:

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