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Project Management Organisation & Competencies

Organisation, responsibilities and skills are fundamental elements of successful project delivery. Under responsibilities for example, it is not enough to say that project managers are responsible for delivering on time to budget etc. Let us prove why; get a dozen of them in a room together and ask them what they are specifically responsible for, and you will get very different answers.

Competencies are key as well. For example, businesses looking to improve project delivery is key are looking very closely at the competencies or even personal qualities of successful project managers, and building the results into future role selection and recruitment activities. It can also be a very important input into development and training programmes.

We provide the following process development and implementation support services relating to project management organisation and competency models.


PMIS’s Existing Core Competency Templates

We have a number of comprehensive templates covering:

Our staff will work with you to tailor the above to define key roles, responsibilities and competencies (including Partnering and suppliers) relevant to projects in your business. This may include:

  • Project Sponsorship
  • Business Owner – Senior Customer
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Team Leaders

PMIS also has significant experience of:

  • Team building and team working methods
  • Collocation models to improve team working
  • Integrated Project Teams
  • Partnering

PM Competency Model – Basic

PMIS has competency models showing all the skills required for typical project roles, e.g.:

  • Project Sponsor
  • Programme Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team leader
  • Planners and Analysts
  • Programme / Project Planner

Personal Competencies and Qualities – Advanced

Competencies are often described as patterns of behaviour or characteristics that result in superior levels of performance, and are very different to basic skills or competency models. The objectives and benefits of the service are:

  • to provide a template from which to identify key competencies for roles in your business;
  • to enable recruitment and selection to focus on identifying individuals with the competencies that will improve recruitment and role selection decisions;
  • to provide an improved process for selecting, recruiting and developing project managers;
  • to significantly improve your ability to identify and develop competent project managers in your business.

Project Manager Selection and Assessment

The PMIS competencies model firstly defines project management competencies, and then goes on to define key role competencies by industry sector. This can be used to analyse and define and assess the project management competencies required to be an effective project manager in your business.

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