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Online Project Management Courses: Accredited Training Provider

Trainer-led online courses for in-house groups

Our online project management training is not Elearning. It is instructor-led training.

Using this method can provide substantial savings in time and cost.

It also makes training available that might not otherwise be possible.

We have been delivering training online for well over a decade, not just recently.
Agile Project Management Method

Training using your own projects:

In all our online courses we offer the chance to use your own projects as the basis of the practical sessions.

The benefits of this approach are significant and include:

  • all discussion and feedback is totally in context with what you do as a business
  • it improves learning greatly
  • we demonstrate actions that will make a real difference, which can be then used immediately on your projects.

We can also minimise disruption to your business by delivering training in modules.

This also avoids information overload and improves learning and information retention.

Index of Standard Project Management Courses

  • The full index of our standard courses is here.

All courses are tailorable to your needs and can use your projects as their basis.

Technical Requirements: no software download required

PMIS uses MS Teams. You do not need to be a Teams user to join a session and you do not need to download any software. We can also use your preferred online meeting tool if you wish, at no extra cost.

Anyone using a Windows-based PC or Mac can join our sessions. All users must have access to audio, with two options: VOIP and dial-up telephone. Broadband is recommended.

Free Demonstration

If you have never experienced online training we are happy to schedule a 20-minute demonstration of the facility, to show you easy it is to use and how well it works.

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