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Agile Ways of Working Training Course

Agile ways of working training

This training course will show you in a highly practical way, the difference between predictive and Agile and ways of working. It will also relate this to projects and other types of work.

The origins of Agile were simply a set of principles relating to development activity. Since then, those principles have been developed into approaches that embrace the core principles of Agile.

When Agile is appropriate, it can bring many advantages. It does require high levels of collaboration, and the course will show you how to encourage this to happen.

Agile is very different from some other forms of development and is built around flexibility.  Hence the word “agile”. It’s the ability to change direction quickly or to be able to modify and adapt to ideas as they emerge.  To do this, teams need to understand Agile ways of working and to recognise when this approach can be a great fit.

Agile Project Management Method

Applying Agile in practice – using your own projects

Agile can be applied to a wide range of activities (not just projects). The course will use real examples/projects from your business as the key input to the day, and will determine how to apply Agile to these.

It will also determine if Agile is not the best fit in some circumstances, or which elements could still be applied.

Course Duration:

1 Day – suitable for on-house teams.

The agenda

will cover:

  • Origins of Agile
  • Putting Agile principles into practice
  • Impact on teams
  • Impact on organisation
  • Impact on the development process
  • Agile tools and techniques
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Making it happen in your workplace

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