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Benefits Realisation: 1:1 Coaching

Instructor-Led Online 1:1 Coaching

We provide our standard Benefits Realisation course using our online facility on a 1:1 basis.  It takes around 4-5 hours to do this when it is genuinely 1:1 or slightly longer for small groups (of up to 4 people). We will take you through the full agenda of the above course and share:

  • a framework for benefits planning and realisation;
  • lessons learned from many dozens of real projects and businesses;
  • crystal clear examples of how to structure the one-page business case around objectives, outcomes and benefits
  • and much more.

Also, as it is 1:1 we will use a project from your business as the basis of the session. This is a huge advantage, especially with this topic. and we will also produce highly practical outputs around benefits and the business case.

Email for further information – we are flexible around time zones.

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