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Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Online

This course can be taken through any of the following:

Course Overview

This course will teach practitioners and managers the practical steps and skills involved in delivering successful business change, for example transformation programmes.

Course Objectives

Key learning objectives include:

  • To demonstrate how to plan, launch and deliver successful change programmes
  • To demonstrate the skills necessary to deliver change
  • To demonstrate the core principles and strategies of change

Course Duration

1 day 

Delivery Style

The course is interactive and highly practical using workshops throughout to address real world challenges and issues in delivering change.


  • Types of change
  • Impact on the strategy
Goals, vision and direction setting
  • Defining clear goals
  • Objectives, Outcomes and Benefits
  • Sponsorship and Leadership
  • Change never comes free and will require resource and support
  • Critical factors for success
  • Key Roles and Responsibilities
Communicating with simplicity
  • The one page communication tool – ‘big-picture’
Understanding the organisation
  • its values: “organisational culture”
  • types of cultures that are typical in business today
  • their impact on the process / strategy
Strategies for different organisational cultures
  • Key principles of successful change management in varying cultures
Change ‘Managers / Agents’
  • Core competencies
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • The expectation and the challenges
  • The reality
  • Methods to ensure effectiveness and address the challenges
  • Risks and lessons to avoid
Resistance Management
  • Main causes of resistance
  • Why it always occurs – sources and impact
  • Strategies to manage and reduce
  • Methods to ensure effectiveness
  • The role of Leadership and Sponsors
Performance Measures
  • Smart-v-“typical” Personal Objectives
  • Getting the measures right and getting the right measures
  • Risks and lessons to avoid
  • Real world examples
  • Managing the delivery of planned outcomes
  • Risks and lessons to avoid
International Case Studies
  • from the public and private sectors
  • key factors in successful programmes
Following this course:you will be able to participate more effectively in change programmes

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