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Introduction to Earned Value Management (EVM) Training Course

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Hybrid Online

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Course Overview

This training course provides a solid introduction to the benefits and core concepts of using Earned Value Management (EVM). Most importantly, it will demonstrate very clearly how to produce accurate and most importantly useful EVM data, and show how to avoid or remove practices which prevent this.


1 day 

Intended For

All project, programme and business management personnel who require a working knowledge of EVM processes and using EV data

Course Objectives

  • To demonstrate how to implement an EV process that actually works and add value
  • To define the characteristics required in project planning and management processes to ensure effective performance management
  • To teach how to interpret EV data and make real productive use of  Earned Value systems


  • Background – the origin and history of Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Benefits – the benefits of effective Earned Value
  • Impact – the impact of implementing EVM
Project Structures:
  • Developing effective structures that enable and enhance EVM:
  • Product Oriented Work Breakdown – benefits in relation to planning and EVM
  • Organisation Breakdown
  • Cost Breakdown
  • The role of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
  • Identification of Control Accounts and role of the Control Account Manager
Performance Measurement Baseline:
  • Developing effective structures that enable and enhance EVM:
  • Using the WBS from Estimating to EVM
  • Structuring the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)
  • Incorporating estimating uncertainty
  • Integrating risk management with the Earned Value Management baseline
  • Formal review of the emerging PMB
Using the Data:
  • Calculating and Using Key EVM elements:
  • Planned Value (BCWS), Earned Value (BCWP), Actual Cost (ACWP)
  • Earned Value performance management: Schedule – Schedule Performance Index; Cost Performance Index; Project Forecasting using Earned Value Management; Estimate at Complete; Independent EACs (EAC); To Complete Performance Index
  • Using EVM data at Business and Project Reviews
Case Studies:
  • EVM change programme
  • Fundamental objectives and success factors
  • The role and value of IPTs to project planning and EVM
  • Key attributes of model programmes
  • Integration of supply base plans and data
  • Evidence of actual benefits achieved
Following this course:you will be able to participate in an Earned Value process


It is useful if attendees are familiar with the fundamentals of planning projects to be able to participate in this course successfully.

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