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Executive Workshop - Accredited Training Provider

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Online

This course can be taken through the following:

  • Onsite
  • Online – interactive trainer led delivery over the Web

Course Overview

This session will demonstrate:

  • The critical elements of project delivery
  • How to improve delivery performance
  • How to implement Governance of Projects


0.5 – 1 day

Intended for (who)

Executives and Senior Managers of a business which continuously engages in projects.


  • To demonstrate the benefits of improved project management, i.e. delivery!
  • To demonstrate why projects fail and how to reduce incidence of failure
  • To show how to identify ailing projects
  • To demonstrate how to improve skills and competencies corporately


  • Objectives of session
  • Summary of how PM is used today across business sectors
Key Success Factors
  • Evidence of why projects fail & conditions for successful projects
  • Why good PM may be alien to corporate cultures
  • Common habits of the best project managers
  • How to spot poor PMs
Role of Sponsorship & the Exec
  • Role of the Executive: responsibilities of Sponsors
  • Improving review and selection of project pipelines
  • Business reviews of projects
Governance of project management
  • Governance of projects
  • Governance structures
  • Relationship to wider Governance
Evidence of Improved Project Management
  • Global study on Business benefits of PM maturity and improving project delivery
Strategy for Improving PM Corporately
  • Elements that must be addressed to improve
  • Strawman implementation plan
Following this course:you will be better equipped for the role of Sponsor and drive a strategy for improving project in your business

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