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Course Overview

Working in projects teams can be demanding but also very rewarding. Some of those demands can be reduced, if team members have good inter-personal skills. It is also said that communication is the lifeblood of projects – it is also one of every project’s greatest challenges.

This course will demonstrate the fundamentals of leadership, team working and communication, and help improve the management of communication within your projects substantially, including better recognition of communication risk.


1 day

Intended For

Anyone working in projects

Course Objectives

  • To improve project organisation and teamworking
  • To raise awareness of the challenges of communication in terms and improve inter-personal and team based communication skills
  • To develop leadership and teamworking qualities and skills


  • Key soft skills on projects
  • Key challenges of communication
  • Teamworking Principles
Foundation of effective environments: Improving Project Organisation
  • Project Organisation: the way we deliver projects
  • Co-Location: benefits & challenges
  • What makes a real team?
  • Selecting balanced teams: avoiding the ‘deadly embrace’
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Team Based Roles: bringing clarity to responsibilities on complex projects
  • Developing Customer Relationships
  • Developing Supplier / Partner Relationships
Inter-personal and Communication Skills:
  • Communication risks and challenges on all projects – recognising and correcting weak spots
  • How people make assumptions in everyday communication – relating this to real scenarios in projects
  • Improving listening skills
  • Improving the capture and presentation of key project data
Core Team working Skills
  • Best and worst of team working
  • Attributes of team members and leaders
  • Conducting and contributing to peer reviews positively
  • Improving personal team working skills
  • Team charters: using these productively
  • Managing meetings: reducing their incidence and improving their effectiveness
Leadership and Projects
  • What is a ‘leader’ and what is it they do well?
  • Being an effective leader
  • Developing ownership of plans and goals
  • Managing conflict
  • Using the tools of team building to positive advantage
Following this course:you will be able to participate more productively on projects

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