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Delivery Methods

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Course Overview

Programme management is the coordination and direction of a group of business projects or activities that relate to a common goal or objective.   For example, it may provide the structure to deliver the related projects within a business strategy, and enable the coordination of resources and priorities.

This training course demonstrates the key processes and skills to successfully underpin and execute the process.


1-2 Days

Intended For

Anyone involved in or managing programmes of work.

Course Objectives

  • To teach key skills to plan and manage programmes successfully and deliver their expected benefits
  • To demonstrate a structured approach to managing programmes
  • To demonstrate how to manage a programme of related work


  • Why normal business planning is not enough
  • Why programmes are necessary
  • Defining Business programmes
  • Governance
  • Stakeholder analysis, mapping and communication
  • Organisation inc. Sponsors of projects and programmes
  • Establishing and mobilising an effective environment
  • Responsibilities
  • Benefits driven programme business cases
  • Governance structures and  processes
  • Developing the Structure and Processes
Programme Definition
  • Links to Business Planning and Strategy
  • Communicating Goals, Strategy, Objectives and Benefits
  • Communicating simply but with total clarity
  • The programme business case
Benefits Planning & Realisation
  • Benefits Identification
  • Benefits Planning
  • Benefits Realisation Planning
Programme Blueprints
  • Defining Blueprints
  • Using them to define the programme
  • Structure, content and their development
Managing Programmes
  • Governance
  • Making Programme Boards work
  • Avoiding the most common issues
  • Benefits Realisation Stage
  • Mapping programmes to strategy
Portfolio Management
  • Purpose of Portfolio Management
  • Relationship to Business Planning
  • Key Inputs
  • Process
Closing programmes
  • On-going Benefits Realisation activities
Following this course:you will be fully familiar with the overall process

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