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Delivery Methods

This course can be taken through any of the following:

  • On Site
  • Online – interactive trainer led delivery over the Web

Course Overview

This course covers the key activity of defining (successfully) and mobilising projects. Definition and Mobilisation cover the most important phase on every project, and conducting this activity in a robust manner can easily make the difference between a successful project or otherwise.


1-2 days

Intended For

Teams members, team leaders, project managers, planners and analysts.


Course Objectives:
  • To improve skills relating to this crucial phase
  • To raise awareness of the criticality of this phase / process
  • To enable team members to understand the definition process and participate more effectively.
Bidding and / or Feasibility Stage
  • Application of PM disciplines during bidding or feasibility
Project Goals and Objectives
  • developing clear goals and objectives
  • developing crystal clear target outcomes
Delivery Strategy
  • formalising the delivery process
Workscope Definition
  • developing product based work breakdown structures
  • the power of product based plans
Developing Ownership
  • how to develop real ownership
Project Charter
  • the value of a Team Charter
  • developing clear ‘ways of working’
  • how to improve communication effectiveness and methods
  • developing ownership for key project goals
  • preparing for an effective launch and mobilisation
  • conducting a successful launch
  • who to involve in this process
Following this course:you will be able to participate in mobilisation successfully

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