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Course Overview

This training course will demonstrate in a highly practical way how to improve project estimating and teach delegates how to improve the accuracy of estimates throughout the project lifecycle, especially in the early stages.  It is based on real-world examples where we have helped organisations make a measurable improvement with this task.

We also have a version of this course for estimating for Agile projects  – Email us for full details.


1 day

Intended For

Anyone involved in delivering or planning and managing projects

Course Objectives

  • To teach core estimating skills and processes to make a measurable improvement of estimates
  • To demonstrate why and how we often get estimates wrong, and how to reverse this
  • To demonstrate how to structure projects budgets more effectively to improve visibility of performance through delivery

Course Agenda

  • Why estimates are often so far out
  • What are ‘better’ estimates and poor estimates
  • The keys to improving
Estimating principles
  • Stages
  • Different types of estimates
  • The estimating ‘funnel’
  • Difference between estimating tolerance and risk
  • Communicating estimates effectively
  • Parametric
  • Factorial
  • Task based
  • Software Development Methods
  • Three stages of estimating
  • Developing ‘control’ estimates
How to develop better estimates
  • Improving project definition
  • Quantifying risk and estimating uncertainty
  • How to capture and present estimates
  • How to make the most of the data you have
  • How to take into account the data you don’t have
How to improve early estimates
  • Moving away from simplistic deterministic estimates
  • Productive use of three point estimates
  • Delphi – simple but powerful early stage technique
  • Developing realistic competitive single point estimates
How to structure estimates and project budgets
  • Dealing with estimating uncertainty and risk
  • Reviewing and preparing estimates at the whole project level
  • Developing and structuring budgets including financial reserves
  • Improving the visibility of performance against budgets going forward
Following this course:you will be able to develop realistic estimates and project budgets

Sample customer feedback

The following is typical of the feedback we get from this course:

  1. “We were really pleased, we thought the course, and your delivery, in particular, was excellent and really made the training far better than we could have delivered in-house.  It far exceeded our expectations and the initial feedback from the attendees has been really positive.”
  2. “… the day was very successful, in fact I’ve already been copied on several emails by the morning after by staff who are already beginning to exercise some of the lessons they learned.”

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