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Delivery Methods: Classroom, On-site and Online

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Course Overview

This training course addresses the topic of Project Governance.  It defines the structures and processes that provide Governance of individual projects and how to provide Business level assurance of projects.

The course also covers Governance of Project Management, which deals with internal business reviews of projects.


1 day

Intended For

Business Managers, Project and Programme Managers, Analysts, Project Office Managers and staff.


Course Objectives:
  • To improve awareness of effective governance
  • To demonstrate the core processes required
  • To demonstrate the benefits and value of this activity
  • Overview
  • Why it has become a ‘hot topic’
  • Why effective Governance is so necessary in business
  • The link between Corporate and Project Governance
Basis of Governance
  • Standards required to underpin Project Governance
  • Business Cases: Outcomes & Benefits
  • The Governance structure & Plan
  • Key measures that must underpin all significant Business Projects
  • Defining the structure
  • Roles and responsibilities – preparing terms of reference
  • Stakeholder responsibilities
Governance of Projects
  • Definition: Project & Programme Benefits – defining outcomes and real business benefits
  • Measurement: defining information requirements
  • Structures – defining accountabilities
  • Disclosure and openness of information
  • Strategic Management:  working structures for effective and timely issue management
  • Management of Risk
Governance of PM across the Corporation
  • Assurance of application of high standards of PM
  • Conducting Business Reviews of strategic or major customer projects
  • Assurance against ‘Common reasons of project failure’
  • Core Implementation strategy & plan
Following this course:you will understand the concepts and structures of project governance

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