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Project Management Fundamentals: Accredited Provider

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Online

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Project Management Fundamentals

Improve the Outcomes from all of your projects:

This course provides a solid introduction to modern project management reflecting non-bureaucratic Agile type practices (e.g. communication) that improve the quality of the delivery process and the outcome of projects.

Key learning objectives include:

  • how to develop successful projects
  • how to identify and manage risk
  • how to determine resource requirements
  • how to minimise communication issues on projects
  • how to develop real teams and an effective working environment
  • the real responsibilities of and the ‘habits’ of effective project managers


1 day

Intended For

Those who wish to improve their project management skills and perhaps adopt a more ‘structured’ approach.

Course Objective

  • To demonstrate fundamental project management concepts and processes.


  • Common challenges on Projects
  • Project Lifecycles
  • Organisation - responsibilities and key stakeholders
Benefits Planning, Workscope definition and Planning
  • Goals, Objectives and Benefits Planning
  • Workscope definition
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Responsibility Assignment
Resource Planning and Estimating
  • Resource Planning, Estimating and Budgeting
  • Resource Estimating, Assignment and Planning
  • Estimating methods
  • Improving estimates
  • Budgeting, structures and Responsibility Assignment
Risk Identification and Management
  • Risk Identification, Assessment and Analysis
  • Risk Management
Control and Execution
  • Finalising the Plan & integrating risk management
  • Gates – project level and ‘control’ level
  • Progress measurement and maintaining plans
  • Status and Control – & wider measures of performance that enhance control
Communication and teamworking
  • Communication challenges and risks on projects
  • Key inter-personal skills for team members
  • Developing more effective team environments
  • Positive teamworking skills and behaviours
  • Leadership and key teamworking skills
Following this course:you will appreciate the fundamental concepts of PM

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