Accredited project management training provider

Project Management Principles Training - Accredited Provider

Delivery Method

This course can be delivered either:

  • Onsite
  • Onlne – interactive trainer led delivery over the Web

Course Overview

This course provides a solid introduction to the principles of project management. The course is workshop based, and can be tailored to suit your business, organisation terminology and culture.


2 Days

Intended For

Teams members, team leaders, project managers and analysts, project office managers and staff.

Course Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the value of project management (PM)
  • To broaden project management skills in the business
  • To enable team members to understand the project management process and enable them to participate more effectively.


Introduction & Overview
  • Objectives of PM
  • Background to PM: where is it today?
  • Identifying Projects
  • Differences between Projects & Operations
  • Key management roles
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Underlying principles: benefits and challenges
  • Objectives of Initiation / Definition
  • Importance & Challenges of early stages
  • Benefits Identification and Planning
  • The Business Case
  • Delivery Strategy
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Team Building and Teamworking
  • Typical Outputs of this Phase
Planning and Communication:
  • Objectives of Planning & Communication
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Resource planning and budgeting
Risk Management
  • Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management
Statusing and Control
  • What is Project Control? Why do it?
  • Progress measurement and updating plans
  • Managing expenditure and Budgets
  • Performance Management
  • Scope Management & Change Control
  • Reporting and Information Management
Post Implementation
  • Implementation Strategy & Planning
  • Close Out and Close Down
  • Post Implementation reviews – Business Learning
Following this course:you will be able to participate fully in Project Planning and Management

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