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Course Overview

How to deliver real improvement in risk management:

Projects, by their very nature, always carry uncertainty (i.e. risk). This training course teaches the practical steps and skills involved in identifying and managing the broad range of uncertainty typically found in projects, commonly referred to as project risk management.

Use projects from your business as the whole basis of the course

  • We always offer the chance to use a real (or simulated) project from your business as the basis of the whole course (and discuss your projects from the same perspective, throughout the course).
  • The course will provide you not only with guidance and tips, we will show the basis of ‘tools’ that you can use and also develop further for risk identification, which is one of the most challenging aspects of the topic.
  • We will look at all other aspects of risk management around real-world items (projects) as the basis of all practical sessions.

Key learning objectives include how to:

  • improve the identification of risk in your types of projects
  • assess and analyse risk
  • manage risk and demonstrably increase the likelihood of project success
  • develop successful mitigation and contingency plans
  • conduct a formal risk assessment and develop your own risk management plan


1 day course (or up to 2 days as an in-house workshop)

Intended For

Anyone involved in the management of projects


  • What is project risk? The nature of projects and uncertainty
  • Individual and Corporate attitudes to risk?
  • Why is risk different?
  • Risk -v- estimating uncertainty - why they must be treated separately
  • Principles of effective risk management.
Risk process
  • Overview of the process
  • Elements that are most challenging; most valuable
  • Developing an effective framework
  • The life-cycle of risk and projects - key events which always drive risk
  • Types of project risk - broadening the perspective
  • Methods of identification, structured and informal
  • Methods of improving data capture, common issues with the data
  • Communicating risk effectvely - a very common challenge
  • Benefits of assessment before analysis
  • Assessment methods - basic and advanced
Quantitative Analysis
  • Analysing and presenting cost, schedule and technical impact
  • Options when managing risk
  • Risk mitigation - what it is and how to apply
  • Contingency planning - what it is and how to apply
  • Integrating risk planning with: project estimating, budgeting and planning
Statistical Analysis
  • When to use Monet Carlo and what to use if for
  • How to construct a Monte Carlo data model for project cost or schedule
  • Using the results productively at key project decisions
Management of process
  • Integrating risk data with budgeting; schedules and EVM
  • Using risk data at project Gates
  • Integrating risk outputs into plans and forecasts (including resource)
  • Effective measures (KPIs) for managing the overall process
Following this course:you will be able to conduct all core aspects of the process

Customer feedback

The following is typical of the feedback we get from this course (UK Banking Sector):

  • Just wanted to touch base with you following the risk management training for the Project Management team. It went really well and we’ve had great feedback and the team has a number of outcomes to focus on now so thank you for helping us with this.

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