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Developing a Project Management Training needs analysis:

Developing bespoke training needs

Many clients ask for a bespoke training programme without a definition of their expectations and requirements. If you are in this position, this post will help:

Project Management is a very broad subject and the factors that are critical vary from one industry to another.

How to develop and capture training needs:

Tailoring can include any of the following (bullet points are fine where applicable):

  • A statement of the main expectations of the sponsor of the training, including the business objectives behind the training – this is key.
  • Identification of your processes that need to be reflected/included in the training
  • Organisational aspects (including roles and responsibilities) and the key roles that need to be included/trained/provided with coaching
  • Common issues that the training should prevent/reduce
  • Key skills to be taught and learned (hard and soft skills)
  • Expected learning outcomes by key role
  • Lessons learned from past projects
  • Any Governance expectations or processes to be reflected within the course.
  • Project lifecycles to be included within the training
  • Language and terminology that must be used in the course.

You may also wish to:

  • Conduct a skills assessment/gap analysis
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your project management processes.

PMIS support for the above:

If this cannot be produced by the client, PMIS can facilitate much of this process and produce a training needs analysis, via a number of short 1:1 discussions with a cross-section of your staff. This has the added benefit of allowing us to familiarise ourselves with your organisation and business, which is of significant value when it comes to training delivery. It would normally take around 5 days of our time to do this and produce and agree the required output, to do the first set of tasks above (not the 2 optional items at the foot of the above list).

Tailoring process following the above:

Once the above is available and formally agreed, the process for tailoring the course is descibed here:


Email us if you wish to discuss developing your training needs assessment.

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