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Project Sponsorship Coaching Delivery Options

Sponsor coaching: Options and delivery methods

Main Options:

We can provide sessions for groups of Sponsors or individual Sponsor coaching sessions.

  • We offer two main options (based on the needs of each Sponsor):
    • a standard session and
    • one that is configured to the needs of each Sponsor.
  • Both options will use the Sponsor’s actual project as their basis.
  • It includes a highly practical and powerful exercise on how to communicate why the project is happening and what it is intended to achieve, with total clarity, using their own project.
  • The individual coaching sessions can involve the sponsor and a small number of selected key project team members or it can be a 1:1 coaching session.

Why choose PMIS:

Delivery options, per coaching session:

  • For these sessions to work best for multiple sponsors, there needs to be flexibility around the duration and delivery options. For example, it could be half or a whole day and delivered in one or two sessions. More information is provided below.
  • Online works perfectly well and onsite is also an option but these would be priced individually to include fixed costs for travel to each location.

Before delivery or pilot, we recommend doing/discussing the following:

  1. A one-off general discussion (of up to 2 hours) on your business, organisation and Sponsorship. This would cover: current strategy and business objectives (in relation to projects); Governance processes and terminology; how the role of Sponsor is described (if at all); examples of actual strategic projects underway or being initiated; summary of current PM process, especially around the strategic definition of projects; common issues around Sponsorship and AoB.
  2. Prior to coaching sessions, the following online prep session is included in the standard cost for the tailored option. A short discussion with the Sponsor before each coaching session, covering: a brief overview of the project; specific needs of the Sponsor/team; specific challenges the project is facing; items the Sponsor wishes to focus on most during the sessions. We expect this to take no more than 30-45 minutes.

Following item 1 above, we would re-visit the standing agenda/content and do the same covering more specific items discussed in each prep session (#2 above).

Number of coaching sessions per Sponsor:

In addition to item 2 above; it can make sense for many reasons to split the coaching into two sessions of 2-3 hours each. This allows the coaching to be far more effective as we can encourage teams to do practical things of value between the sessions and session two will be more effective as we can build what we learn from session one into session two.  We can also refine the agenda for session two following session one.

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