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Delivery Methods

This course can be taken through any of the following:

Course Overview

This session will demonstrate the role of sponsors and the aspects of project management that sponsor’s need to be aware of to discharge their responsibilities.

It is typically delivered in small groups or on a one-to-one coaching basis.


0.5 – 1.0 day

Intended For

Sponsors, Executives and Senior Managers of businesses which regularly engage in projects.

Course Objectives

  • To demonstrate the strategic responsibilities of sponsors relating to projects
  • To communicate the role of sponsor
  • To coach sponsors in conducting key reviews both during definition and delivery phases


  • Objectives of session
  • Key difference between projects and operations
  • Why projects typically fail
    Strategic Definition | The one-page business case
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Outcomes and target benefits
  • The one-page business case
    Role of the Sponsor
  • Executive champion
  • Practical reasons why Sponsorship matters
  • Benefits Realisation
    Dealing with project managers
  • How to interface with project managers – key questions to always ask!
  • Purpose of Governance
  • Governance processes
    Stage Gate Process
  • Purpose of stage gates
  • Conducting Gate Reviews
    Sponsor and the Project Management Process
  • Strategic decision making; criticality of early stages and sponsor’s role
  • Sponsor’s role in managing change
    Conducting business reviews of projects
  • What to cover
  • Template for Business Reviews
    Useful tools
  • Guidance on being a Sponsor
Following this course: you will be ready to conduct the role of a sponsor

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