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How to be a 'Great Project Manager' Course: Accredited Provider

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Hybrid Online

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Course Description:

This course is different – there will be no Gantt charts, no talk of Prince2 or any other method.  We will though be talking about the qualities, competencies and especially the skills that set apart great project managers from all others.

How the day will work:

It will be interactive – you will be encouraged to participate, to get the maximum from the day.

As we have a large topic and just one day, at times we will be brutally honest (in a professional way).  It will not be for everyone, but if you have ambitions in this area, we are confident you will find it of great interest and value.

Around every topic, we will share the best examples of what we have witnessed from dozens of businesses and give all attendees the opportunity to share their own experiences of what works best in their environment.

Course Duration

1 day (public) – in-house: duration may be longer.

Delivery Style

The course is interactive and highly practical using group workshops where relevant.


Role of the project manager:
  • This day could not be effective without a fundamental and often controversial look at the role of the project managers in business today.  We will share with you how they are seen and operate in the best examples we have witnessed.
Competencies of the best PMs:
  • We will take a close look particularly at the softer skills that make the biggest difference to a project manager’s effectiveness.
Communication and the world of projects:
  • To ensure we all come away as far as possible with the same interpretation of the day, we start by doing work on communication and how it is often the cause of project issues, to ensure this day not suffer in the same way.
Attitudes and behaviours:
  • How attitudes and behaviours drive performance and results.
Outcomes not just deliverables:
  • The projects world is moving slowly from focusing just on deliverables, to also focusing on outcomes.  This is a hugely positive step and a major change in thinking for many, and a great improvement, if it can be harnessed.
Motivating teams:
  • Another key skill of successful PMs – not just a cliche.  Practical and effective ways to do this.
Influencing :
  • Successful Project Managers influence upwards, sideways, in every direction.  This is a core skill of highly successful project managers. Project managers must be able to convey and convince people about many factors on a project.  We provide practical ways this can be achieved and improved.
Negotiating with key people
  • Stakeholders, resource managers, suppliers, and others all have to be negotiated with and the best project managers learn how to get successful outcomes more often than not.
Managing upwards:
  • Possibly one of the toughest things to do – influence those senior to you – how to do this well and still keep your job and your own prospects!
Summary of what great PMs do:
  • Summary of both the key hard and soft skills that PMs require to be successful at their job.
how to develop great PMs in your business:
  • People never become great project managers by accident.  How to be more successful in choosing and developing successful project managers in your business.
Following this course:
  • you will have many ideas of ways to develop your own performance or how to improve a group of project managers in your business.

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