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Business Transformation Training Course

Transformation Training Course – Workshop Style

Business Transformation programmes are intended to deliver beneficial outcomes for key stakeholders, in support of key organisational strategic objectives.  This transformation training course is built on decades of practical experience in delivering change.

By definition, Transformation programmes are challenging. The outcomes should of course be transformational, rather than more simple incremental improvement.

We have worked for decades with organisations involved in business transformation.  This has allowed us to gain real hands-on experience of practices that make a real difference.  Often the difference between measurable success or otherwise.

We also benefit from a unique level of experience of one of the most important elements of transformation, and that is managing the benefits realisation of all the elements of the transformation programme.

Course Duration

1 day

Clarity and effectiveness, not more Templates

Much of the world of planning and managing programmes and change seems to believe this must involve endless MS Word templates.  You will not see a single one of those, but you will see ways to bring total clarity to what you are trying to achieve.

Course Format – Workshop – using your Transformation programme

We will use elements of your transformation programme as the basis of all practical sessions.  It will be workshop style and highly interactive throughout. It is based upon many years of practical experience, not theory.

Course Objectives

  • to demonstrate how to plan a programme that will deliver measurable outcomes
  • to provide tools and practical steps of clear value that can be used straight away
  • to provide real practical help with the elements that evidence shows people find the hardest to do


Defintion and Planning
  • Converting strategy to your Transformation Pipeline
  • Business Case selection and preparation 
  • The lean Business Case
  • Organisation
  • Communication methods
  • Why Sponsorship matters
  • The Sponsor's role
  • Leading Tranformation
  • Maintining the focus on target outcomes
  • Measures and motivation
  • Defining better measures
  • Defining Financial measures with clear integrity
Mangaing the Realisaiton Phase
  • Bringing simple structure and visbility around expected outcomes
Following this course:
  • you will far better prepared to lead and participate in your Transformation effort - and will go away with many practical tools to put to immdiate use

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