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Project Manager Coaching


project manager coaching
Coaching is the perfect approach to support new project managers with their challenging role.

Being a project manager of anything significant can be a steep learning curve. Coaching can make the difference between success and otherwise.

Project management is a very broad topic and is not a skill we are born with.  We do not learn the key skills it requires at university or school.  Hence, coaching around real business problems and projects can be very effective.

Coaching is not training, but it can provide practical input on any aspect of project management and can provide confidence to the person that their actions, decisions (and even outputs) are sound.

Coaching can cover anything relating to projects including any of the following areas:

How coaching works:

There are a number of options for monthly coaching:

  • A monthly subscription providing a number of online sessions (from 1 to 4 per month) and additional message support via Slack in accordance with an agreed SLA.
  • Multiple time zones are catered for.
  • No long term commitment is required.

Example profile of our coaches

  • Kevin Lonergan is a principal consultant and has worked in over 20 countries.  He is very used to working with organisations in many parts of the world – his Linkedin profile is here.

Coaching for Sponsors

  • We also provide group-based or 1:1 coaching for project sponsors, the detail of which can be found here.

Email for further details on coaching.

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