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Benefits Realisation for Executives

Delivery: On-site and Instructor-led Hybrid Online

This course can be taken through any of the following:

Executive Coaching Session: Benefits Realisation

Organisations undertake projects to deliver specific benefits; however far too many projects fail to deliver them. This session will demonstrate why, and then show how to ensure that your projects deliver measurable results, in any industry. Benefits realisation addresses this in a very practical way.

Why executive engagement is needed: evidence of current practice

Benefits realisation is critical to ensure that projects deliver real results.  Current maturity and practice in most organisations are well below what is needed.

Lessons Learned Benefits Realisation - 2019

Lessons Learned Benefits Realisation – 2019

We developed the first-ever training course on the topic and for over 15 years we have always used real business cases from the host organisation as its basis.

This gives us unique exposure to the interpretation and practice of this element of any business case/project. It also shows why much of current practice is not fit for purpose and precisely why so many projects fail to deliver real benefits.

Objectives of the session:

The session will demonstrate:

  • how to improve the content of business cases and focus them entirely on real planned benefits
  • how to ensure that benefits are maximised
  • what to look for to ensure that the application of this topic is fit for purpose

Coaching Agenda – 0.5 day

  • The importance of benefits realisation and the implications of poor practice
  • Portfolio management: how to ensure all projects are focused on strategy and will deliver results
  • The one-page benefits-focused business case; which is of real value to Executives
  • Role of the Executive within this process – ownership across the organisation
  • How to bring accountability and structure to benefits realisation
  • Identifying the right measures and avoiding the wrong ones

The above can be tailored around your project portfolio and this can be used as the basis of the session.

Basis of the session: your strategy and projects

Just as we do on the course, we will use extracts of your strategy and real projects from your business as the basis of the session. This ensures the whole session is 100% practical and relevant.

Delivery options: Onsite and Online

We can deliver this session either onsite (UK or internationally) or online.

Email us today for further information.

Sample feedback from our one-day course:

We can prove these are all real and recent
“ I wanted to once again thank you for the excellent course delivered yesterday – it was a masterclass in Benefits Realisation."

"I found it extremely useful, you really made me think.”

“I really enjoyed the course and got a lot from it. The trainer, Kevin, was fantastic.”

"You kept us fully engaged throughout the whole day - excellent session."

"Thanks again for a great session with our team. I know I came away with several useful nuggets that I want to apply straight away."

“I loved it, I’ve got a lot to think about”

“... exactly what I needed at this point in time”

“I’ve come away with several golden nuggets”

"Thank you for a really engaging and interesting training session on BRM"

"Many thanks for the very good and helpful course yesterday. Nigel and I both agreed that the content was really well presented, and helped to consolidate a lot of elements for us which we will be able to put to immediate use"

"The course was a resounding success and the team have already started to look at things in a completely different way"

"Many thanks, I found the course both interesting and enjoyable, it's as if you've shone some light on what seemed to be a dark art. I now feel we have a framework which will allow us to progress with our benefits processes in a more structured and logical manner. I will have no hesitations in recommending your course to my colleagues"

"Very worthwhile course, clarified the scope, activity (and associated work to implement a BM approach) - we will definitely use the course to influence our future work"

"Thank you, I found the course very useful and now feel I have the tools and understanding to progress this element of our Programme. Wish me luck!"

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